La Spa has been a leading spa business in Vietnam for over 10 years. Part of EHG and originally known as La Siesta Spa, we changed our name to La Spa in 2018 as we took on a more independent presence.

At the heart of our service is the magical number four which may surprise those who hold traditional Asian beliefs. Our logo details a circle embracing four leaves whilst our service centers on: four signature spa packages, four types of body massage, four facials, a choice of four essential oils, four specially created teas and so on…. and four core values provide the foundation of our business.

Currently with 02 branches in Hanoi, 01 in Hoi An and 01 in Saigon, we continue our pioneering journey as one of the best in the hospitality industry.

Please visit our website for more detailed: http://laspas.vn/

La Spa Saigon
Add: 180 Ly Tu Trong St., District 1 , Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Tel: +84 28 3535 4461/62/63/64/65
Email: saigon@laspas.vn

La Spa Hang Thung
Add: 21 Hang Thung Street, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: +84 24 3862 2222
Email: hangthung@laspas.vn

La Spa Ma May
Add: 94 Ma May Street, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: +84 24 3926 3642
Email: mamay@laspas.vn

La Spa Hang Be
Add: 27 Hang Be Street, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: +84 24 3929 0011
Email: hangbe@laspas.vn

La Spa Hoi An
Add: 132 Hung Vuong Street, Thanh Ha, Hoi An, Vietnam
Tel: +84 235 3 915 915
Email: hoian@laspas.vn